24 March 2016

A rare book on coconut varieties and genetic resources

New book !

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Coconut. A guide to traditional and improved varieties.
By R. Bourdeix, J.L. Konan and Y.P. N’Cho

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SIZE: 21X 27 CM - 104 PAGES
FRENCH VERSION: ISBN 2-9525408-0-2

Editions Diversiflora, Montpellier

Whether a symbol of the South Seas or a dream of tropical holidays, the coconut palm is first and foremost a plant grown, and also consumed, by millions of farmers and gardeners. In this book, 34 important coconut varieties from 18 different countries are each depicted with a plate of exquisite photographs and a one-page text describing their main uses and agronomic traits.
But this book is more than a simple catalogue of coconut varieties. It also explains the botany and history of the coconut palm, and describes the ethnology of those who cultivate it. Did you know, for instance, that before the Europeans arrived, Tahitian healers used a piece of coconut shell taken at a very precise stage of growth called "Nia" to repair skull fractures? that, little by little, the bone welded onto the fragment ? Did you know that the heart of the coconut palm has a flavour resembling fresh hazelnut and is eaten under the name of "millionaire's salad"? who other than a millionaire would be remiss enough to kill a coconut palm just for one meal ? Did you know that, as early as 1642, a edict issued by Governor General H. de Corcuera ordered each native of the Philippines to plant 200 coconut trees? Did you know that the water from fresh coconuts, which offers the advantage of being sterile, was also used in recent wartime to replace blood serum for transfusions? Did you know that, In human terms, coconut research calls for considerable patience, or even a degree of stoicism, because most of the field experiments last at least 12 years?
This book displays many other amazing anecdotes about this mythical palm. It is an indispensable reference for those who search having a general knowledge about agriculture and ethnology in the tropical coastal zones and islands.

Editions Diversiflora
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